A man who killed four people and injured another 18 in Jiangxi province by deliberately driving a vehicle into the victims was executed on Tuesday morning, authorities said. The publicity department of the Fengxin county government said on Tuesday on its WeChat account that the execution of Hu Jiabing was carried out after approval was received from the Supreme People's Court. The incident occurred on Jan 19 last year as a number of students were on their way to school. Most of those killed and injured were students. Hu was arrested at the scene soon after the incident. Hu was convicted of endangering public security by dangerous means and was sentenced to death on Aug 23 at his first trial. The court also asked Hu to pay the families of six victims who sued him for civil compensation. Hu, 44, was convicted of disrupting public functions and sentenced to 11 months in prison by a court in Zhuhai, Guangdong province, in 2013. team bride wristbands
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